Sound is Vibration
Hello! You can call me Ari. I'm 17, and very passionate about life.

finally in bed after a long rehearsal. I took some medicine and a nice warm shower and I’m in bed with a candle lit sipping some water.
Honestly I am not gonna do my homework. Nothing is counted late like we don’t get points off for turning in late work.. I’m way too fuckin ehausted man. I mean I have some science to study but it’s earth science I’ll do it in the morning before school. I’ll have to sacrifice some drumming to do so but yeah. I’m .5 away from an A lol smh.
Tomorrow is day two of spirit week and it’s decade day… ugh lolz
I wish I could sleep 11 hours. I’m fatigued.
Yet I love it. I love having so much on my hands.
OMG and I love well my line! Except one snare that really isn’t supposed to be on the line but regardless besides her I love them so much. aaaaah
Today I went to a small meeting during school and for a club I’m volunteering and organizing some function at the intercultural senior center!!’ It’s great to be networking around my town and forming relationships again.

youngafect hasn’t Snapchatted me back so idk if he’s ok or not and I’m worried :/


band kids raise your hand if you’ve ever thought long and hard about how you murder someone using only your instrument


You’re too cute to not be riding my face tbh

Band practice so intense I threw up ma lunch


I shouldn’t be allowed free periods.


I think I’m starting to get used to this whole college life thing

because every night im like “ah some nice quiet time to study”

and then i pour myself a drink and end up making regrettable text messages and fall asleep


forgive me father for i have sin-ed.. and cos-ed.. and tan-ed.. hahaha also i killed my trigonometry teacher

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